There is a massive and impressive compatibility between .Net framework 4.x and .Net Core. For when that doesn't just work, this page goes through the complications and the further steps you may need. We will take a netcore csproj file as the start, and make it also build for a netframework target.I love how transparent and easy it is to bundle and minify CSS and JS in an ASP.NET Core Web Application. The BuildBundlerMinifier Package handles the bundling and minification at build time. And, if you want to extend the .NET Core CLI by adding the BundlerMinifier.Core package, you can use the dotnet bundle command to clean, bundle, and watch files from the command line ad hoc.

Visual Studio Code > Programming Languages >.NET Core CLI Wrapper New to Visual Studio ... You can invoke dotnet commands using the explorer. All listed operations are done using CLI calls. Features. Add new project. The project is added to the .sln too (if the project uses one). Works on folders. Add project reference (right-click .csproj ...Feb 20, 2018 · One of the key features that comes with .NET Core is a robust Command Line Interface (CLI) that allows a user to create a multi-project solution with very minimal overhead. In addition, the commands supported work cross-platform so there isn't a need to have to learn a new interface when switching between platforms. In my last post about Using Prism with Xamarin.Forms & GTK# I showed how to force the use of .NET Standard reference when using NuGet with packages.config. You may prefer using the <PackageReference> tag in your csproj and found that those changes do not work for your scenario. This post will show you how to achieve the same override with PackageReference based projects.